Behind the Scenes of “White Flag” (Part 2)

This is the send part of me sharing some behind the scenes videos for White Flag, for the first part check out my post from last week.

Here are the remaining of the behind the scenes featurettes we made as part of the DVD and online promotion, and also just for posterity’s sake:

6) The Wait

Most productions have a setback at some point in time, on the set of White Flag it was a major thing, the weather. Since we’re all currently filmmakers on the side, that severely limited our schedule to nights and weekend, and as most of the film was exteriors during the day, that meant most of our filming was limited to weekend mornings/afternoons.

Unfortunately, mother nature doesn’t always cooperate and in this video we all painfully relive that process, where it snows one weekend, pushing everything back, and starts a cycle leading to months of delay in the production of the film.

7) Mia’s Bag

Our awesome production designer, Laura (who also was hair/make-up on set) did a great job on the film. She really went the distance and put a lot of thought into each and every detail of the character’s wardrobe, set dressing, and really took initiative to make everything turn out great. Here, she talks about all the work she put into decorating the bag that the lead character Mia carried throughout the film.

8) Memorable Moments

In this video, the crew reminisced about some of their favorite, or at least most memorable moments while creating White Flag. Some of it was goofiness on set, to times we almost got in trouble, to (like the squib video from the last post) things that we thought would look great on set but in the end just didn’t work out that well. Fun times!

9) Why You Should See White Flag

Here, I asked a lot of the crew members to make their “elevator pitch” for the film. This video was primarily made for promotional purposes, but it really was cool to see how into the story everyone got and what working on it meant to everyone. That’s something I really love about these smaller crews, since we’re not in it for the money and fame from this short is unlikely, we’re in it for the passion of filmmaking and telling great stories.

10) Why Do We Love Making Films

I thought a great way to end the series was on a more sentimental note. After going to hardships together and coming out successful, film crews often become like family. We’re all so invested into the creation of stories physically and mentally, I thought it would be great to just let everyone talk about why they do film, why they love it, and why go through all the hard work and sacrifice needed to make films.

So that’s it for the behind the scenes featurettes, hope you liked them. Is there anything else you would have covered or anything you have questions about? Let me know!

Update: Check out the full film from this blog post!

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