Z.E.R.O. Zombie Kit on Cracked.com


I do a wide variety of videos for OpticsPlanet. On the most part they consist of product videos showing features and details of specific products or videos supporting specific promotions. Every now and then I also do branding videos and viral video efforts. Right now, zombies are HUGE in the firearms community, a lot of companies are coming out with zombie versions of their products, so how could we not jump on the bandwagon? Our strategy here was to put together a kit of as many random zombie related things we can think of and make a fun video for it, check it out:

Side note: hope you saw my cameo at 1:22!

The video actually did pretty well, has well over 100k views, got the site a ton of links and made some people laugh. It was even picked up by lots of sites I frequent like Geekologie and on the most party people got the joke, but even funnier many people did NOT get the joke either.

Probably the most exciting thing for me is that it got featured on Cracked.com’s list of 10 Baffling Safety Products Clearly Aimed at Paranoid People. Not only were we on the list, but we’re #1 on the list! Clearly they got the concept and their write up is pretty hilarious here’s an excerpt:

The Z.E.R.O. kit doesn’t actually come with any guns, which you would think might come in handy during an outbreak of the undead, but it is stuffed full to bursting with camouflage outfits, a couple of toolboxes bedazzled with neon green ZOMBIE logos, and 600 batteries, just in case you needed more of a reminder that you could’ve bought a car instead. The commercial even seems to be calling you an asshole for considering the purchase

This may seem silly, but in all honesty that last sentence is the greatest compliment I’ve ever received as an editor or producer!

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