Film Gear Saves The Day!


Getting creative with film gearUncle David to the Rescue!

Recently my niece had a birthday party, it was your typical children’s birthday party with cake and games, one of which was a pinata. However, we realized that there was no tree with an overhanging branch or anything that was sticking out for us to hang the pinata.

That left us with an interesting predicament: leave the pinata close to the house/deck/anything that will likely most definitely get hit with a bat or the other option would be for someone to stand on a chair and hold the string (which they will most definitely get hit with a bat).

None of those options seemed very attractive to anyone, until we realized that we work in film and we have gear laying around everywhere. While it’s usually used to hold flags, lights, or anything you can imagine, the versatility of the c-stand can be extended to the ranks of children’s party pinata holder!

Complete with sand bags, this was the perfect option for us to hang the pinata for the kids to have a great time, while keeping a safe distance away from swinging bats, all while keeping the swinging bats away from anything breakable!


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