Katrina Phillip – Choreographer

I have been friends with Choreographer, Director, Dancer, and overall Artist Katrina Phillip since grade school.

Back in the day we even performed together in choir. Since then she’s moved on to live in New York City where she does a ton of great work, enough to make me sad I’m half the country away because I can’t see all of it!

She recently contacted me to film a rehearsal she had for an upcoming competition:

This competition is run by the dance company Inaside Chicago, it’s actually a Choreographic Sponsorship Event. Katrina was selected as a semi-finalist, which means she gets to floor her dance in front of an audience. From there, the audience votes for the dance they like the best and the winner gets to be a guest choreographer for Inaside Chicago. So this was a pretty huge deal!

Her piece was titled “The Inside Out,” which she originally choreographed for a show she founded and produced in 2011 called Band of Gypsies 2. That show matched up choreographers with various artists, who would then team up and create an original work. She got teamed up with a singer/songwriter, and now she’s trying her best to recreate the piece for competition.

I did my best with the low lighting conditions of the dance studio, I didn’t want to get in their way too much since they were practicing for competition, but I’m pretty happy with how a lot of the pictures and video came out! The girls in the dance were great, incredibly nice, and did well for the time constraints they were under. Trey, the singer/guitar player was really awesome as well, especially because he wasn’t the original writer! Here are some more pictures I took from the evening, hope you enjoy!

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