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Back when I was taking classes at College of DuPage, I was fortunate enough to really get the full experience. On top of the basic curriculum, I was able to take part in invite-only practicum like classes and I also worked at the TV station there WDCB-TV, where I worked primarily as a shooter and editor for a monthly video magazine called “Images!”

That was one thing I really liked about COD, all the resources and opportunities were there for you to utilize at your discretion.

What made me think about it at this time is I recently received an email from their Media Relations department asking if there were any updates on a Student Spotlight they did featuring me.

Check out the Student Spotlight on me!

They did a great job writing the article and reading my quotes and my passion for the school really brought me back to some good times. I was completing a hands on project where we created a video for the DuPage Workforce Board with hopes to convince people to consider careers in the manufacturing field, especially in DuPage County, IL!

Now that it’s been 5 years, I’m still pretty proud of this video. I served as producer and co-editor, and I’m pretty proud of my interviewing skills and ability to make the talent comfortable, genuine, while also giving that good sound bite we needed for the video. It was a great learning experience, the crew did a fantastic job, and I think the video holds up well!


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