The Classic Movie Going Experience

Out in the Chicago suburbs where I grew up, there’s some really cool theaters. One of the best is the Tivoli theater in Downers Grove. I recently went there to catch TMNT (no comment about the film, it was entertaining for what it is). The Tivoli features films usually on the 2nd run, but the price of admission is usually much less than typical theaters.

It’s great! The theater is over 100 years old, but it’s been repainted and the seats have been replaced. It also doubles as an auditorium with a stage, I’ve seen many plays and dance recitals here over the years.

But one of the coolest things is they have an old organ, which they bust out on weekends. Check out this guy rocking out “This is Halloween” from A Nightmare Before Christmas:



Something about the charm of the experience is great. With the rise of streaming and VOD, I’m afraid that this is something that might be making the way of the Dodo. Which is a shame, because something about the shared experience of seeing a movie adds so much more to the experience as a whole. They’re smart people, I’m sure they’ll find a way to keep it alive, I certainly hope so!

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