Lakay Premiere & Beyond! – Part 3

While I was having fun at the beach as discussed in Part 2, the rest of the Lakay team was also in Florida. A 5 hour drive away they were in Miami holding a Red Carpet. Here’s a quick video I edited from highlights from Miami:

One of the cooler things is fans started sending in pictures from the other cities!


It’s really cool to see the film getting traction and fans all over the country! Those couple of weeks had good runs, but that’s not the end! Currently, the crew is back in NY, this time in Jamaica-Queens to have a special one-night screening of Lakay. It’s going to be a great night as well, I’m looking forward to hearing how it went.

Now I know what you’re thinking. I’ve been talking non-stop about this project and you missed out when it was playing because I was slow to post it here. Or, perhaps, you live in a city where Lakay hasn’t played. Well, you’re in luck, we finally have the Lakay DVD’s and Blu-ray’s ready for pre-order!

Lakay Shop: Currently you can pre-order DVD’s and Blu-rays (at a discounted rate!). Pre-orders for digital via iTunes and Amazon Prime will be available soon. Also, you can still get all the Made in Haiti gear I talked about in a previous post and the soundtrack will be available soon!

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