Last Refuge of a Scoundrel

While I was cleaning up/backing up old drives, came across a film I produced and co-edited back in 2010. So, filing it under, “what use is this thing sitting on my hard drive,” threw it up on the ol’ Vimeo. Last Refuge of a Scoundrel is about a hitman that’s thinking about quitting the game, while his partner/point man discuss the ramifications of that.

It’s essentially one scene that serves as the very beginning or the very end of a larger story. Check it out! (Also, watch out, lots of strong language!)

This was a really fun project, did it just a couple months after I graduated. So, admittedly it breaks many of the cardinal rules that make a short scream “student film.” But I’m still proud of what we were able to do given the budget and time constraints at the time, it’s also a great gauge to see my progress as a filmmaker and storyteller. This was maybe the 2nd or 3rd short of this caliber that I edited, so I was really starting to find my groove as an editor with this project.

Good times!

Directed/Written by Chris Colucci, Starring Pasquale Di Diana and Jack Guasta

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