ILM Watches People’s Reactions To The Star Wars Rogue One Trailer

Earlier this week, ILM posted a video on their YouTube page of their SFX team watching people’s reactions to the Star Wars Rogue One Trailer:

This is such a great video and really struck a chord with me. Not only the intense pride of the ILM staff on knowing they did a great job, but the reactions themselves. To me, this is a reminder of what I love about telling stories and why I got into film making. Specifically, as an editor, I know the best moments of my career have been hiding in the back of a screening and hearing people’s reactions watching my work.

It’s all about evoking emotion.

Even though most of the time me and the audience never meet face to face, it’s making that connection and really sharing a human moment with each other. I know that I put all my emotion into all the project I do, and seeing these reactions really is witnessing a huge payoff on behalf of all the ILM staff. It’s really a beautiful thing.

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