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David is a storyteller in every way.

Since 2006, David has worked in a variety of roles in film/television/video production and uses those experiences to bring every project he works on to life, no matter his role. His business/commercial work has been featured on Cracked.com, Gizmodo.com, Fox News, Geekologie, and various conferences. His short film work has made many appearances in film festivals around the country.

David also edited a feature length documentary, Lakay, which had an international theatrical release including a domestic AMC run and digital release. It culminated with winning “Best Documentary” at the 2015 Haiti Movie Awards hosted by the Motion Picture Association of Haiti, and also won “Best Cutting Edge Film” at the San Diego Black Film Festival, among other festival appearances.

David takes pride in creating high quality work and having a great time while creating it. Whether he’s editing, producing, assistant directing, or PA’ing, he’s a valuable asset to any team.

Never Afraid

To Tackle Any Task

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